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Our approach = Learning by Doing
Flipped Classroom & Experiential Learning

The Pandemic and emergence of AI have forced us to rethink how we learn and what skills are required for us to be relevant and continue to create value. While there is no substitute for the age-old teacher-student dynamic, the role and environment of the teacher and students have changed.

We believe in an experiential approach to learning where you learn by doing, by participating, by actively being involved in the process, whatever that may be. This is why all our programs are infused with elements of 'doing' be it by actual experience, simulations, case studies, role-plays, and other interactive experiences.

 The more you do, the more you remember and master! 

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Our Programs

The Sustainability Mindset
using Systems Dynamics

Lecturing on the importance of Sustainability will not create a lasting impact. This is where the Samudera Simulation game comes in to create an experiential and thus emotional experience for participants such that they become advocates of Sustainability and then supporters of your company's ESG efforts.

The Samudera Simulation is based on System Dynamics principles and is an adaptation and innovation from simulations used in advanced MBA programs.

The Active Employee 
Creating Intrepreneurs Within Your Organisation

We all know that a company is only as good as it's employees. And while most companies focus on getting the right people at the top, moving a company requires great people throughout the organization.

This course looks at creating a culture high initiative within company employees so that there is an internal culture of intrapreneurship.

SMART Skills -
The Job is Easy,
The People A
re Not

Based on the work and book of Dr. Loredana Padurean', 'The Job is Easy, The People Are Not', this program explores the importance of 'SMART' skills in complementing and augmenting the technical skills that one has.


The Book was on MIT Sloan's top reads for 2022 and is now used as a management framework in Sloan's Executive Education programs. 


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