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The Sustainability Mindset

Using MIT Systems Dynamics

In SAMUDERA Management Simulation, we offer MIT-backed methods to ignite the passion and understanding for sustainability in your organization and workforce. Experiential learning of thinking and being sustainable as an individual and organization.

Experience the power of 'SAMUDERA,' an immersive and captivating business simulation that brings sustainability concepts to life. This adrenaline-pumping game will immerse you in a world where businesses fiercely compete for natural resources with consequences and lessons learned in real time.

SAMUDERA is a localized and augmented adaptation of the MIT simulation built around the Systems Dynamics framework. It is a tool that is used in the acclaimed MIT MBA program. Experience 'SAMUDERA' and start your journey towards a sustainable future.


Who should attend?

  1. Employees whose organizations are embarking on their sustainability and ESG journey

  2. Individuals who want a broad and emotional understanding of sustainability and the key concepts around it

  3. Anyone who wants to make sense of the hype around sustainability and ESG

The next 1-day Sustainability Mindset session is on 27 September 2023

Reserve your seat today!

Session Snapshots

Program Content

Key Learning Outcome


Appreciation of how personal and group actions affect overall systems.​


Understanding of the importance of sustainability and the ability to make key distinctions between sustainability, climate change, SDGs and ESG​


A deeper understanding of the ESG framework and preparedness for an ESG driven world

The simulation really reflects on real situations and conflicts in life. The debriefing taught me how can we improve to become a better negotiator and team player.

Nazeefah, Putrajaya

The game totally shift my paradigm of thinking to a 'realistic' systemic thinking; that is to think beyond myself.

Syamila, Alor Setar

The module taught is highly relatable to our work and the world around us.

Fadzrul, Bangi

Delivered by

Sayf Ismail

Sayf has more than 20 years of experience in multiple roles and multiple industries with the most recent in Executive Education, focused on Leadership, Management, and ESG. His most previous corporate position was as the Director of Corporate Development at the Asia School of Business (ASB), a world-class Business School set up in partnership with the globally renowned MIT Sloan School of Management.


At ASB, he was part of the Senior Management team that oversaw the development of one of the world's most innovative MBA programs as well as the setting up and delivery of high-level executive education programs for C-suites and executives.

Prior to his time at ASB, Sayf was a global business developer and networker, curator of global conferences, brand and marketing practitioner, professional copywriter, and techno-preneur. Sayf now focuses on executive education & and training on leadership, management, and ESG via experiential and emotional experiences such that learning outcomes are cemented and long-lasting.

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