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The ACTIVE Employee

Culturising Intrepreneurship Within Organization

In today’s fast-paced
tech-driven business landscape,
your most significant advantage isn’t the tech itself,

it’s the ACTIVE employee

In an environment where technological tools are readily available to all, the true differentiator lies in the mindset and activeness of your workforce. Gone are the days when organizations could get by on a passive workforce that just follows directives and adheres to static job descriptions.

To thrive in this VUCA environment, companies now require a majority of individuals who go beyond, those who proactively seek opportunities, innovate solutions, and adapt swiftly to change.

The need for active employees has never been more evident, as they are the catalysts for driving growth, staying competitive, and ensuring an organization's long-term sustainability.

Active   Employee is an Intrepreneur,
one who behaves like
an entrepreneur
within the framework and objectives of
the organization they serve

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Image by Prateek Katyal

Leveraging from Academia

The program draws inspiration from a simulation game based on the principles of System Dynamics and Systems Thinking originating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


The Active Employee Framework is based on academic research and publications of Prof Michael Frese, a leading academic in the field of psychology and business from the Leuphana University of Luneberg, Germany.

Key Learning Outcome

Enhanced appreciation for collaboration across teams & culture of support

Cultivate and foster a working culture of collaboratiion and positive support by understanding the power of the whole as well as simple and practical approahes to working in teams within frameworks.

Higher awareness of self’s role as leaders and responsibility to be active

Develop higher self-awareness for improved leadership and followership and the ability to think critically and creatively as individuals and teams.

Understanding of sustainability concepts and ecosystem thinking

Deepen understanding of sustainability's triple bottom line (People, Profit, Planet) and integrate sustainable practices into decision-making, contributing to a responsible, future-oriented business landscape.

“This workshop provides us a very good opportunity to get to know co-workers better. I love the activity in the ‘game’. It gives me a better understanding of myself in making decisions and being a collaborator.

The process of negotiation was a lot of fun, it revealed our real personality and way of thinking. It’s a very good workshop indeed”
“The workshop is very beneficial for the participants and also for the department.
At first as a junior clerk here, I felt humbled to participate, but the presenter taught us not to follow ranks and speak up which made me very comfortable.”
“Thank you for such an enlightening session. I really enjoyed the simulation and had a lot of fun learning about human behavior and reflecting on myself.

I have a better awareness of how I am a part of a larger ecosystem and what I do matters and will affect others.”

How To Participate


As an Organization

Select different people from different departments of the organization to be part of this program and start breaking down silos.


As a Team

Gather all members of your team and experience the simulation together to build a common experience and stregthen team dynamics


As an Individual

Register for one of our scheduled public programs and explore your individual operating mode to attain greater self awareness

Session Snapshots

Delivered by

Sayf Ismail

Sayf has more than 20 years of experience in multiple roles and multiple industries with the most recent in Executive Education, focused on Leadership, Management, and ESG. His most previous corporate position was as the Director of Corporate Development at the Asia School of Business (ASB), a world-class business school established in collaboration with the globally renowned MIT Sloan School of Management.


At ASB, he was part of the Senior Management team that oversaw the development of one of the world's most innovative MBA programs as well as the setting up and delivery of high-level executive education programs for C-suites and executives.

Prior to his time at ASB, Sayf was a global business developer and networker, curator of global conferences, brand and marketing practitioner, professional copywriter, and techno-preneur. Sayf now focuses on executive education & and training on leadership, management, and ESG via experiential and emotional experiences such that learning outcomes are cemented and long-lasting.

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